Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Theosophical Society of San Francisco, August 2022: "We pray to the great god 'On'!"

SFTS Lodge Charter

[NOTE: No Lodge events this August. Our summer break. In-person "Conversations in Theosophy" and live on-line presentations will resume in September. Enjoy]

Today is the 121st birthday of the San Francisco Theosophical Society (SFTS) Lodge. Our charter was signed by the remarkable Annie Besant on August 10th, 1901. SFTS Lodge has borne witness to two World Wars, the Great Depression, the rise of the Information Age and now the planetary Climate Emergency and the global Covid pandemic. 

The legendary American sages Joe and Guin Miller brought many of us into the circle of this Lodge and some of us have kept it alive and thriving since the Millers' passing in 1992. 

Yes, three decades ago. 

Joe Miller circa late 1980s

Poignantly, a new generation of members, friends and allies who never met Joe and Guin have felt the power and holy atmosphere of this space and have made it a part of their lives. 

The circle is unbroken. 

SFTS Lodge, June 2017

As Joe used to say, “We pray to the great god ‘On'!” 

EXCERPT: The motto under our symbol out there on the wall says, "There is no religion higher than Truth." Of course, we in this particular lodge have added another line to that, "And no power greater than love." Because love is what makes it all go around. That's what Theosophy is all about -- wisdom and love. There is a place in The Secret Doctrine where it states very clearly that Theosophy isn't the "love of wisdom," but rather "the wisdom of love." If each one of you thinks back over your life, you will see that it is always feeling that moves you, the feeling of love. - Joe Miller, “Great Song: Life and Teachings of Joe Miller

SFTS Lodge, October 2014
Guin Miller circa 1980s

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