Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Mary Power - Visionary Dance Oracle #5 (SFTS Lodge Facebook Live Event, 6-27-21)

Mary Power's "Visionary Dance Oracle" Book and Cards

[NOTE: Embedded below, via the SFTS Lodge You Tube Channel, video recording Mary Power's Facebook Live presentation on "Visionary Dance Oracle #5" (SFTS Lodge, 6-27-21) For more information on "Visionary Dance Oracle," visit "Mary's Dance Art Cafe" on -]

Praise for Mary Power's "Visionary Dance Oracle"

"I can feel the care and love emanating from this special tarot deck. Each card is a gem vibrating with light, a gentle guide to the wisdom in your own soul dancing to life. I highly recommend the book and oracle deck to occult lovers and mystics." - Marjory Mejia

"Stunning Deck and a big dose of Shakti will be added to your readings with this complimentary tarot. Mary is a true visual artist as well as a dancer. Thank you for making this deck. The Feminine force of the world making its way through!" - Brenna Geehan 

"This book and deck is a great addition to the tarot. The visionary dance oracle is of great use as a clarifier for your tarot reading. Beautifully crafted. Love this deck!" - Christine Kamadulski-Stefl

"This is an extraordinary work. Deep wisdom. Exquisite art. Mary's "Visionary Dance Oracle" is rich in occult knowledge, profound and yet practical. Full-color! Powerful symbology that is both archetypal and utterly fresh and new. It is a must have both for your own shelf of mystical essentials and as a unique and bounteous gift for your loved ones and allies. Especially, if you collect potent, diverse Oracle decks. You will want to add this one to your collection. It breaks new ground in very meaningful ways. It offers a radical revisioning of the Major Arcana." - Richard Power 

"Thankful for this gorgeous oracle deck from Mary Power@mpowerdance.project in SF. The imagery is so moving while simultaneously nurturing to the senses, chocked full of embodied wisdom, practical advice and zen-like koans to ponder. Check out her Instagram for more info on this lovely art deck." - Courtney Wynn Sheets (@eyesofcourtneywynn)

"My friend Mary Power (who's in my phone as "Mary! Power!") has created a special artifact, a complex/simple tool for ritual divination and unlocking creative expression. The Visionary Dance Oracle is a truly unusual thing: Not only is the concept original AF -- a movement-based oracular divination card deck -- also the *way* meaning is delivered is utterly unique (a word I never use unless I really mean "there is only one of these in the world").
See, most decks come with a booklet containing the means to interpret each card. In this work of art, the booklet contains a recipe for moving the body that creates the space for the message of the card to come through the dancer. It also comes with a mystical ko-an of sorts, a passage of ancient scripture or sound instruction to engage the mind.
(And who better to curate transformational text than Madam President of the Sfts Lodge San Francisco Theosophical Society Lodge, Her Own Self?)
As the mind moves off on its own quest, the body is freed to expand, explore, convey, conduct the "meaning" of the card. The inquirer must run the images and text through their own body and mind in order to "come up with the answer" instead of being directed as to "what it all means."
The body tells us. The message is waiting to be delivered in the movement. Open to it.
With one card, my body delivered elaborate instructions for how to make the most of every day. With another, how to go from dejected and exhausted to elated and celebrated. With a third, how to stay on a path of integration and balance in life.
And with another, my body simply told me, in no uncertain terms, "It is your ordained right to ask for outrageous, utterly impossible miracles--and have them delivered in unexpectedly delightful ways.
Must try. Strongly recommend." - Emily Shurr

VIDEO: Mary Power - Visionary Dance Oracle #5 (SFTS Lodge Facebook Live Event, 6-27-21)