Friday, December 18, 2020

In pure alignment with the Bodhisattvic Principle & the 3 Avowed Objects of the Theosophical Society ...

One of the many photos of the great Annie Besant that grace the walls of our Lodge.

All individuals living in the State of California are currently ordered to stay home or at their place of residence, except for permitted work, local shopping or other permitted errands, or as otherwise authorized" - State of California, 12/18/20

The Lodge's public meetings remain suspended to help flatten the curve and save lives. Our vigil continues. The circle is unbroken.

For the duration, we are hosting two Facebook Live events every month.

We are also posting vital news, inspiring teachings and updates via Facebook
(, Instagram (@sftslodge), Twitter (@sftslodge) and of course our official site (

We urge you to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and stay at home as much as possible. Vaccines are beginning to be dispensed. Follow the science!

In pure alignment with the Bodhisattvic Principle and the Three Avowed Objects of the Theosophical Society, we urge you to heed the overwhelming consensus of scientists -- in regard to both the Pandemic and the Climate Crisis, and also to stand in defense of human rights and work toward the alleviation of human suffering nationally and globally.

Join us via Facebook Live on Sunday, 12/20/20, at 6 p.m. for our Solstice celebration.

“Mysticism is the most scientific form of religion, for it bases itself, as does all science, on experience and experiment—experiment being only a specialised form of experience, devised either to discover or to verify.” - Annie Besant

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