Thursday, October 15, 2020

Jupiter's Light: "You have been here before. You will be here again. Take nothing for granted"


An image of Jupiter taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (4/21/14)

From within the global ravages of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Climate Crisis, the indomitable nature of our humanness arises anew. And it is vital to celebrate this uprising.

There is so much mystical truth, so much poetical beauty, so much performance brilliance in this post from SFTS Lodge president Mary Power that it is difficult to select a passage to offer you as a sample. "Jupiter's Light" weaves defiant joy and profound grieving into an exquisite instrument of evolutionary movement. "Jupiter's Light" is a bold declaration of blessed humanness, a poignant call for justice and a dazzling celebration of deep Gaian magic. 

Here is a brief excerpt followed by an embedded You Tube video of the accompanying performance.

 -- SFTS Lodge

 "The California wildfires effected us like the Australian bush fires effected us, like the fires set in the Amazon rain forest effected us. Anyone reading that line thinking otherwise is facing that moment of choice to begin. Begin to unlearn in order to learn.

"Our ridge was burnt to the ground. All shelters of beautiful homes for humans were burnt to the ground. We were fortunate though that all the humans were evacuated safely. But the forest, wildlife and its ecosystems were destroyed. For decades our ridge was a sanctuary giving birth to dance, painting, art making films, producing for the mpowerdance project. The fire changed all that. The sanctuary mother home is wounded, dying and changing.
"Within this change an unexpected sorrow appeared. A specific grief not separated from the make up of 2020 thus far. Star gazing. Star bathing.
"Months had gone by without witnessing the night sky without feeling the flicker of starlight vibrate its resonance. In less than a week 13,000 lightening strikes and almost 600 wildfires started during an already severe heatwave. How do the firefighters survive this? The explosive fires created freakish "firenadoes" and after weeks months, some are unbelievably extinguished. Post-inferno nothing manmade remains in tact. Stones explode. There is no moisture left in smoky charred air, oxygen is scarce, carbon dioxide abundant. So how did one wooden star gazing adirondack chair survive when the others that sat next to it did not?
"The first star to rise yesterday, in the northern California southeast sky was actually a planet, Jupiter. It was bright clear light in the fading blue sky. Jupiter brings joy to grief like the archangel Gabriel or the great works of the Tao. It's healing light moves throughout whether noticed or unnoticed. When humanity cries out Jupiter sends its message 'We've been here before. We'll be here again.'
"You have been here before. You will be here again. Take nothing for granted.
"It is difficult the labor of love. It demands of us not without laughter and good company. May we continue to grow by an unusual effort, unlearning the nonsensical conditioned fears. So that, we can be alive through our many lessons in this lifetime, before death comes.
"We've come so far and there's further on.
"Below is a one minute clip called 'Jupiter's Light' a song and a message arrived from grief.
-- Mary Power, "Jupiter's Light" (10/12/20)
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 Jupiter's Light (You Tube Video)