Friday, February 13, 2015

In Celebration of Light – Honoring the Life and Work of Light Devoy Edwin Harris – Video Archive

Light Devoy Edwin Harris in a San Francisco Opera production of Aida (circa 1980s).
On 12/22/14 at 11:13 p.m., our beloved friend of many years, Light Devoy Edwin Harris passed on from the physical plane, at the age of 81. Light was a great alchemist (in the technical sense of that term) as well as a great maestro and scholar of African-American spirituals.

Over the decades of his friendship and support for the Theosophical Society San Francisco Lodge, Light delivered many erudite lectures on the occult sciences and led many amazing performances by his choir, the Jubilee Singers. Light was a dear friend and ally of Joe and Guin Miller, and after their passing he was a dear friend and ally of those of us who kept that circle of light alive.

A celebration of Light's life and work was held at the SFTS Lodge in early 2015. The SFTS Lodge sponsored a video recording of this extraordinary wonderful event.

Here is a You Tube playlist of recordings from this magical night of LIGHT, SOUND and MOVEMENT --

[NOTE: The seventeen video clips in the playlist include both excerpts from the formal program, and personal messages from some of Light's friends and students recorded after the end of the formal program, as well as a pre-recorded message from afar.]

Here is Phil Deal's Elegy for Light --

[NOTE: A recording of this original composition was played a continuous loop in the lead up to the evening's main program.]